Just a teenage thing

The art of having ones trouser hanging low close to the middle of the bottoms like they are about to fall off. It leaves parents furious but teens feel cool about it. For girls, the hem lines don’t stop rising. I wonder where they will end, with strings? May be!!!!

Teens love showing off just because of wanting to fit in every generation. There is this shawty whose story became juicy and irresistible for me to hear “my brother was playing his psp, he got pissed and threw it, it hit the dads I pad which smashed mummy’s PDA that hit the Microsoft tablet which sunk into the aquarium, the aquarium hit the home theater”
The story goes on to be more interesting and convertible, knocking the range rover sport, the Jacuzzi into the behind yard that ended into the swimming pool. Don’t bother asking how, she was just showing off yet we haven’t mentioned the iPhone series hanging at the garden city or dressing up in Sylvia Owori’s latest designed cloth, well for boys putting on that All black everything Nike snicker bought online.

Wacky hairstyle. 
Some used to call it Swazi others “stamina’ (during my high school times) and now upgraded to “Mohawk”  parents criticize those innovative, dynamic and self-loving teenage boys with corn rows ‘mbu’ the hairstyle is for girls, bisexuals and gays.

Weird bad music” 
As parents love to term them, dance hall, rap, rock, crank hits, name it the list is endless teens like such beats because they hit hot number one positions at the billboard bangers around the world that’s the music teens die for.

WTF *watsaap twitter facebook craze

just FriendsThank God for the social media craze, that came along with the rise of the battle of the latest gadgets,phones and electronics as these are becoming the cigarettes of the 21st century not only to the teens but all ages, i was surprised that my mum now days also uses memes as profile pictures…i was left wondering what happened to the gap between teens and elders, in this world were conversations become texts,arguments becoming phone calls and feelings becoming status updates.

Well most parents and other elders find such things unbearable to them, but that’s nature there is time to sing, laugh, read and rest, time to become a free-styler so that you are able to do things without parents questioning you. So I think its really just a teenage thing to balance, floss, having wacky hairstyles, wtf and listening to ‘weird bad music”