Boy or Man?

Hello, am an ordinary man with no exceptions fro others, not a hundred percent perfect either but analyzing these differences between a boy and a man placed me in between lines though i had to put up something for this second last day of #UgBlogweek. Dedicate this master piece to all the ladies in the house, just to do your checklist and categorize where your man or boy falls.
A BOY keeps a password on his cell phone while a MAN is confident enough to say “baby can u answer
that for me”!!
A BOY runs the streets & chill with his friends while a MAN is enjoying time with his woman planning ahead for their future!
A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman, a MAN plans vacations & getaways because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow aren’t promised!
A BOY has pride after arguments, a MAN has heart & emotions, A BOY
beats on his woman, a MAN massages & caresses his woman!
A BOY screams gold-digger!!! for the simple things a woman want, a MAN knows it’s his responsibility.
A BOY tells his woman all the things he does wrong; a MAN acknowledges his woman’s hard work!
A BOY tells his woman she is pretty, & a MAN tells his woman she is beautiful!
A BOY will read this & think this is about him but a MAN will read this & thoroughly acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship.