#UgBlogWeek : Curated Stories from Day One

Joel B Ntwatwa

Good morning.

#UgBlogWeek kicked off yesterday. The 7 day blog got off to some great blogging. Below is a curated list from the shares on social media. Some blogs are reposts, some are from before yesterday, and some are from news sites with tips. However the majority (44) are from fresh posts from Day 1. Topics range from politics to unemployment, travel, creative writing, fashion and poetry. They are arranged in chronological order, that is, time of publishing/sharing. Enjoy.

  1. My Wandering Journey -Little feet that never stay still…(UGBlogWeek) The Commute Series: Familiar Faces
  2. Impressions – Development critic, Poetry fanatic, A missy and her words. Beyond Dreams
  3. Joel Jjemba – Under Construction Day 1
  4. An Editor’s Dream – I call this practice A Fighting Chance
  5. Uganda Gospel Life Artiste to Artistes 10 Most Annoying Habits of Artistes 
  6. Her Musings All Skin is Good Skin 
  7. The Hope Monger And So What? 
  8. Coffee…

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