And so What?

We wrote UACE together and now you are a graduate, but am still struggling with books. And so what? Does that make you better than me? Even as we must not get jealous of the success of others, we must not also for any reason look down on yourself. You have not done it, but you will because you can! Never feel belittled because your contemporary is succeeding while you are struggling. You are on your way coming. When you arrive, you will be the latest around.
They are getting married, but you are not even in a relationship. And so what? You are too unique to compete with others. They are buying houses, and you can’t even afford your rent. And so what? Does that make them better than you?
This status is not to encourage laziness, procrastination, and failure. It is to tell you that you have the potentials to be who you want to be. Shrug off competition. Live your life. Don’t run at the pace of others. He wrote his first book at 17, another wrote her first at 80. Didn’t they both write? They are both authors. Don’t kill yourself in trying to meet the expectations of others. He is a special adviser to the
president, and you are looking for a job. And so what? You could become the president someday, and appoint him as a minister. And so what? And so what? And so what?
And remember life is what you make out of it…slow and steady wins the race..
let’s keep marching.I’ll just 4 my Time and U too also