An IT specialist’s love letter

Dear Beloved,

ur the interface to my soul,ur like a source code in my blood without u my root system wouldnt link to its database, ur smile is like a programming language it reads directly from my browser, ur the default page(facebook) of my heart,my love for u is as complicated as twitter is to facebook maniacs,when i look at u my brains work at 21mbps,ur the 3G network that runs my wireless servers why dont u give me the password to ur heart so that i hack ur soul, i promise to jailbreak all ur tears, just like there is no 0.twitter your one of a kind, my brains without you is like having a remote access with no IP address, you are the windows to my systems unit and without you i feel like a virus with no antivirus,

                                                                                                          With Love

                                                                                                           the hacker to ur soul